Livonia has more than 30 territories and military territories, all of them are PVP territories.
Six territories can be converted to PVE and are located in the Tier 2 area of the map.
All territories (except for military) have a Territory Flag which can be found in the central area of each territory.
PVE territories will spawn a Livonia flag, PVP territories will spawn Pirates flag.
The player spawnpoints are in PVP. Those areas are Permanent-PVP and cannot be converted, they have a territory pole for representation and for the gas strike alarm.

Territories Map:

Occupying & Converting a territory:
– In Livonia, a valid base must contain at least 1 flag, 8 fences and/or towers, a gate and one complete cabin.
– It requires a minimum of 2 bases in order to influence and finally convert a territory to PVE.
– Valid bases with a PVP flag will counter the PVE influence over the territory.
– When a territory is being influenced, bases with more cabins will have more influence.
– Any extra cabin provides +1 to its base influence.

Flag Types:
– White flag – Does not count and does not affect any kind of territory (anonymous).
– Pirates & Cannibals flags – Will influence the territory towards PVP.
– Any other flap will influence the territory towards PVE.
– Using Pirates, Cannibals, CMC, TEC, CDF, Chedaki, NAPA & Rooster flags will cause the Territory Flag to spawn unique loot.

– Military bases cannot be converted or influenced and do no have a territory pole.
– There is no way to tell the name of the territory or it’s size. The main towns are the largest territories.
– If a base is located on two or more overlapping territories (on their edges), the base will be assigned to the closest territory.
– All valid bases inside the PVE territories are protected by the server rules.