Territories Map:

Chernarus map is divided into more than 70 territories.
All territories (except for military) have a Territory Flag which can be found in the central area of each territory.
PVE territories will spawn a Chernarus flag, PVP territories will spawn Pirates flag.

– Building a base with a flag in a PVE territory will cause the Territory Flag to spawn loot around it.
– Building a base with a flag in a PVP territory might convert it to PVE, if all requirements are met:
1. A PVE flag is being used
2. The territory contains at least 2 bases with PVE flags
3. The territory contains more PVE bases than PVP – A PVP flag has no effect in territories that are permanent PVE, only in PVP or occupied PVE territories.
– A Territory which contains at least 4 bases with the same flag, will spawn the same flag in that territory with unique loot.

Flag Types:
– White flag – Does not count and does not affect any kind of territory (anonymous).
– Pirates & Cannibals flags – Have no effect in PVE areas. In PVP and in occupied PVE areas they will counter PVE flags and help to convert or keep the territory PVP.
– Using Pirates, Cannibals, Chernarus, CMC, TEC, CDF, Chedaki, NAPA & Rooster flags will cause the Territory Flag to spawn unique loot.