General rules

In order to keep both game-styles in our servers, we use Territories.
There are mainly 3 types: PVE, PVP and Military Areas.

PVE & PVP territories will spawn a flag pole in their central area, and their flag will indicate their type:
Pirates = PVP
Chernarus / Livonia / Any other official flag = PVE

– All rules apply in the PVE territories, which are basically – No killing other players and no raids.
– Military bases cannot be converted to PVE.
– There is no way to tell the name of the territory or its size from within the game, use our web territory maps.
– Some PVP territories can be converted to PVE (depends on the map).
– PVP & PVE territories spawn also PA speakers near the flag pole, which will sound an alert on a gas strike.




Building an official base in PVE

– The base must have a PVE flag in order to be protected by the rules.
– The base must have a locked gate and secured.
– Setting up traps inside and around the base (up to 50m) is legal.
– Killing “uninvited guests” inside your base is legal.

Bases with PVE flags inside the PVE territories – are protected by the rules. Breaking them may result in a ban.





Converting Territories

Some territories can be converted from PVE to PVP and vice-versa.
The territories are influenced by the existing bases in their vicinity. Only valid bases will have influence.
When a territory is being converted the Territory Flag will gradually slide down and will be replaced once it’s reached the bottom.
It takes 8 steps to fully convert a territory, each step takes 12 hours (4 steps down to flip, 4 steps up full conversion).

– It requires at least 2 valid bases in order to influence a territory and eventually convert it.
– Minimum requirements for a Valid Base: At least 8 fences and/or towers (combined), at least one gate, one flag and at least one built cabin.
– Each base counts as +1 influence over the territory. Any extra cabin inside the base (the 2nd and further) will count as an addition +1 influence point.
– Conversion can be stopped and countered by the opposite flag type.
– A valid base covers a radius of 75m from the flag.
– If a base is located on two or more overlapping territories, the base will be assigned to the closest territory.

Flag Types:
– Pirates & Cannibals flag = PVP
– White Flag = Does not count
– Any other Flag = PVE

Each server has its own territory setup according to their maps:

Chernarus Map:
75 Territories, PVP-PVE ratio: 30%-70%
More info

Livonia Map:
33 Territories, PVP-PVE ratio: 15%-85%
More info