Last Resort – Livonia – Hardcore PVP/PVE

Server IP:

Host Name:

Map: Livonia


General Features

The server completes 2 full cycles of day and night, in 24 hours (IRL).
– Day / Night times:
– Spring & Summer: 10 / 2 hours
– Autumn & Winter: 11 / 1 hours
– The server restarts once a day at 3am (CET)
– Real-time date and lunar cycles
– Dark night setting
– Improved Weather System with real seasons, dynamic and continuous weather changes along the year. Synced with real current date.
– Low quantities of canned food
– Higher amounts of predators
– Custom static events
– Fuel pumps tend to break down
– Water pumps tend to break down (soon)
– Missions (LR Server mod)
– Territories



Livonia is mostly PVP.
There are no pre-established PVE Territories, although some territories can be converted to PVE.
When crossing between the PVP and PVE areas the player will be notified (icon).
Play fair and respect others: do not ambush between areas, keep the PVP away from the borders.
All player spawnpoint are in PVP.

For more details about Territories and their rules and mechanics:

Installed Mods:

– Last Resort – Addons
– ZenNotes (repacked in LR Addons)
– Immersive Placing
– ZenLeftovers
– CarCover
– Windstrides Clothing Pack
– Spurgles BagZ
– EarPlugs
– Den Drinks
– Cabin Mod (RaGGed)
– Ambient Animals Pack: (Snake, Squirrel, Raven, Seagull, Rat, Otter)
– Zen Tire Rack
– Cl0uds Winter Gear
– RaG_Immersive_Vehicle