Name: – DeerIsle – PVE/PVP Hardcore Survival & Exploration
Server IP:
Host Name:
Map: DeerIsle

General features
The server completes 2 full cycles of day and night, in 24 hours (IRL).
– Day / Night times:
– Spring & Summer: 10 / 2 hours
– Autumn & Winter: 11 / 1 hours
– The server restarts once a day at 3am (CET)
– Real-time date and lunar cycles
– Dark night setting
– Improved Weather System with real seasons, dynamic and continuous weather changes along the year. Synced with real current date.
– Low quantities of canned food
– Custom static events
– Radio voice Missions (LR Server mod / UVB-76)
– PVE Territories

The main island (Oceanville to Georgestown) is considered as PVE, except for the Airfield, the Prison and Paris Island.
The rest of the map is PVP.
When stepping into a PVP territory the player will be shown an indicator (swords icon).
Play fair and respect others: do not ambush between areas, keep the PVP away from the borders.
All player spawnpoint are in PVE.


Installed Mods:
– Last Resort – Addons
– Uncuepas Civilian Clothing
– Windstrides Clothing Pack
– Spurgles BagZ
– Den Drinks
– Cabin Mod (RaGGed)
– Ambient Animals Pack: (Snake, Squirrel, Raven, Seagull, Rat, Otter)
– Zen Leftovers
– Zen’s Immersive Placing
– Zen’s Tire Rack
– Zen’s Car Workbench
– EarPlugs
– CarCover
– Survivor Animations
– Blackouts Scorpion
– RaG_Immersive_Vehicles
– RedFalcon Watercraft
– DayZ-Bicycle
– Chevy_C10_Spurgerado
– TrailBruizer SUV

More info:


– DeerIsle has a total of 7 PVE territories which include the spawn islands (Oceanvile, Camp Eagle, Camp Bear), the main island (Stonington, Kushville, Warren Cove, Georgestown, Hazeltown).
– The rest of the map is PVP. On main island – Sunset Cross & Westbrook and north.
– Player spawnpoints are in PVE.
– A __valid base__ must contain at least 1 flag, 8 fences and/or towers, a gate and __one complete cabin__.
– It is not possible to convert territories.

Flag types:
– Pirates and Cannibals flags are considered as PVP flags
– White Flag does not count
– Any other flag counts as PVE


Territories Map
A detailed map for PVE & PVP territories:

Central Economy
Since DeerIsle has its own economy and its distribution gets updated from time to time (unique tiers and items) most of the economy is DeerIsle’s default settings.
Changes in the Central Economy were made mostly on the civilian and food aspects (inc animals).