Server Name: Last Resort – Hardcore PVE Survival, Community, Missions
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: Chernarus

PVE Experience

The Last Resort is our vision for a more realistic PVE survival experience.

– Rely on hunting, fishing, foraging and growing your own food. Canned food and domestic animals are rare.
– Weather system based on seasons. Seasons do change and the server’s clock is based on the real-time date ( including dynamic sun & moon positions ).
– Extended gardening ( extended grow-times, plot and greenhouse infestations, seasonal modifiers ).
– Custom dynamic events across Chernarus, custom loot economy, lowered amounts of weapons and mags.

The server is dedicated for mainly PVE. However, PVP is allowed but only inside the PVP areas.
Play fair and respect others: do not ambush between areas, keep the PVP away from the borders. Fresh spawners will always spawn in the PVE area.


Server Settings

The server completes 2 full cycles of day and night, in 24 hours (IRL):
– During Spring & Summer: 11 / 1 hours
– During Autumn & Winter: 10 / 2 hours
– Server restarts twice a day: 3 AM & 3 PM (CET)
– Real-time date and lunar cycles
– Dark night setting
– Improved Weather System with real seasons and presets, dynamic and continuous weather changes along the year. Synced with real current date.
– Lower amounts of domestic animals
– Low quantities of canned food
– Custom static events
– Extensive gas strikes
– More than 70 territories marked with Territory Flags
– Fuel Stations with limited capacity of fuel, can be allowed to receive resupply if operated
– Water wells are not working
– 8 additional types of animals
– 20+ furniture items (inc. working fridges and baking oven)
– Radio voice missions (Created for Last-Resort)



Territories Map:

Chernarus map is divided into more than 70 territories.
All territories (except for military) have a Territory Flag which can be found in the central area of each territory.
PVE territories will spawn a Chernarus flag, PVP territories will spawn Pirates flag.

– Building a base with a flag in a PVE territory will cause the Territory Flag to spawn loot around it.
– Building a base with a flag in a PVP territory might convert it to PVE, if all requirements are met:
1. A PVE flag is being used
2. The territory contains at least 2 bases with PVE flags
3. The territory contains more PVE bases than PVP – A PVP flag has no effect in territories that are permanent PVE, only in PVP or occupied PVE territories.
– A Territory which contains at least 4 bases with the same flag, will spawn the same flag in that territory with unique loot.

Flag Types:
– White flag – Does not count and does not affect any kind of territory (anonymous).
– Pirates & Cannibals flags – Have no effect in PVE areas. In PVP and in occupied PVE areas they will counter PVE flags and help to convert or keep the territory PVP.
– Using Pirates, Cannibals, Chernarus, CMC, TEC, CDF, Chedaki, NAPA & Rooster flags will cause the Territory Flag to spawn unique loot.

– Military bases cannot be converted to PVE.
– There is no way to tell the name of the territory or it’s size. The main towns are the largest territories.
– If a base is located on two or more overlapping territories (on their edges), the base will be assigned to the closest territory.
– All types of flags, with no exceptions, inside the PVE territories are protected by the server rules.


For more details about Territories and their rules and mechanics:



We use both our own custom server-side mods and various client mods to enhance the natural environment and the PVE experience.
The list of mods changes according to the season. Current mods in use:


Custom Map Addons


“Numbers Station”

– The “Numbers Station” is broadcasting again on channel 87.8 Mhz. Listen carefully.
– The type of the radio device and player’s altitude may affect the quality of the reception. Field transceivers (military) will always have good reception, everywhere.
– More info:


Friendly Community

We put many efforts to keep our server friendly.
Join our discord channel to find other players on the server, trade and discuss.
Our Admins monitor the server on a daily basis and they are here to help to keep the peace.
Read server rules