This server is dedicated for a friendly PVE experience. However, PVP is allowed, but only inside the PVP areas.

The player will be notified when crossing between the PVP and PVE areas ( Check the map to see the PVP areas ).
Play fair and respect the other: do not ambush between the areas and keep the fights away from the borders.
Base builders are always welcome, please respect any base with a flag and do not raid them.
Remember – your actions are logged.

PVE areas

– Keep it friendly
– Killing players is not allowed.
– Bases with flags are off-limits. Do not raid them in any way.
– Bases without a flag or the flag has reached the bottom – may be raided.
– Base owners are allowed to shoot intruders only inside their base.
– Base owners are allowed to place traps around their bases to protect them.
– Fresh spawners will always spawn in the PVE area.


PVP areas

– Killing is allowed only inside the PVP area.
– Killing from PVP to PVE or from PVE to PVP is not allowed.
– Base raids are allowed in the PVP area, even if there is a flag.


Base Building

– Build a flag in your base to declare it officially.
– Building is forbidden on public and military zones. This includes Military areas, Police & Fire stations, Hospitals and Schools.
– You may build anywhere you like, as long as you use the above rules as guidelines.

*Note: Having a flag does not prevent your base from being actually raided, but raiders in such case will be banned.



– Protect your vehicles. Park them inside your base and make sure it is locked and has a flag.
– Locking a vehicle inside a building does not mean you own it, and it may be taken by anyone.


Abuse / Bans

– The server is monitored and we do check the logs on a daily basis.
– If you encounter a problem please report to us and try to provide as much details as you can (time, date, XY locations, full description, etc).
– Avoid sharing sensitive information in general chats.
– If you were banned wrongly you may contact us by filling the form in Contact Us page, or via our Discord channel.