By the end of year 2022, almost a decade after the apocalypse, broadcasts over the radio from an unknown source started to be heard on Last Resort, across Chernarus.
For a short while, random bursts of voices or recorded broadcasts from the past could be captured with a radio device in Chernarus, carrying an eerie reminder with them – the world is dead.
After the snow storms of February has faded away, the radio signals has faded as well and could not be heard anymore. For a while.

On March 5th 2023, a faint and weak voice emerged from the radio. The language is unclear, shrouded with static noise, but the rhythm sounds familiar, almost like… words, as if someone is trying to get through.

What is hiding behind these signals? If you’ll listen carefully, you might find the answer.





Sometimes we take many things for granted, but on Last Resort it is highly recommended to take a look at the antennas now and then, they might be more useful than you think.