A standalone condition which occurs when a player is under alcoholic influence.

Severity Levels:

  1. Easy – Occasional mild blury visions.
  2. Drunk – Random laughter, Shaky hands, energy and hydration loss.
  3. Too drunk – Stronger blurry visions, sickness symbol will appear as a warning that your character might vomit.
  4. Unconsciousness – There is a small chance to lose consciousness while vomiting.
  5. Recovery – If the character lost consciousness, the sickness symbol will go away. From this point onwards, the character will not vomit or lose consciousness anymore, unless drinking again.

Key Features:

  1. The character will get dehydrated and a bit hungry while drunk, depends on the severity.
  2. Drinking large doses of liquids with high concentration of alcohol will cause the player to vomit immediately (and briefly). Drink slowly and carefully.
  3. Eating cooked meat, cooked fruits will help to reduce the effect faster. It is possible to avoid severe symptoms by consuming fat – See condition “Fattiness”.



A standalone condition which helps to slow down the digestion of carbs and protein in the body when drunk.
The condition can be activated by consuming fat, only before drinking.

Key Features:

  1. The character must not be drunk when consuming the fat. Must be done before drinking.
  2. It requires at least one peice of Fat/Lard to get the bonus. The more you eat, the longer the preventive effect will remain.
  3. Consuming fat will help to avoid some of the critical states of being drunk: vomiting and getting unconn.



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