Get your Karts assembled and ready – Trolley Kart Races is back again on !

We have set-up the racetracks of DeerIsle and this is your opportunity to dominate the tracks !

The event will be open for the invited communities and will consist of two parts:

Part 1 – Complete 5 Laps:
First player to complete five laps wins
Le Mans start
Available slots on track: 24
Available slots in the pit: 8
Additional Karts may join through the pit and are available in the garages.

Part 2 – Groups Race
3 drivers per group.
Each group will be assigned to a garage.
Each driver will have to complete 2 laps.

1st & 2nd drivers:
On the 2nd lap the drivers will pull over at the pit.
Once they are in, their teammate will launch their own Kart to complete their 2 laps.

3rd driver:
Does not stop at the pit, but continues through the finish line.

General information and setup:
– Spawn point is at the race tracks
– 8 Traders will provide fully assembled Trolley Karts
– The Traders will also provide you with all the parts to assemble a Trolley Kart
– Food & drinks are complimentary (Trader #9)
– Viewers and watchers may visit the watchtower for a better view
– Keep it clean. This is a peaceful event, please avoid any kind of violence, verbal or “physical”.

– Tarkules
– Aux7

– Last Resort – Kart Racing Event | DeerIsle

Watch it on YouTube:


Credits and big thanks to:
John McClane – Creator of DeerIsle map
Spurgle – Creator of the Trolley Karts mod
Dr. Jones – Creator of Trader mod
Cleetus – Creator of CarHorn mod
Jacob_Mango – Creator of CF & COT mods