kill your favorite Admin !
We’re proud to announce a new event on next Saturday, which will be hosted on Aux7’s server.
This is a joined event between “Last Resort”, “Derleth’s Den” and “Aux7” servers / communities.

The mission:
– Kill the Admins

– All players should assemble in front of the Clock Tower at Chernogorsk, admin will help teleport the players to Cherno.
– Admins will log in an hour before the players and will start in Chernogorsk as well, but will leave before the player can login.
– Players will stay in the square for 20 mins, after that – the game is afoot.
– There are admin stores along the route, If these are found, they can be raided by players.
– Admins will drop flares and other clues giving an indication of their general direction
– If a player dies, they are permitted to re-spawn and continue the event.

Winning conditions:
If an Admin is still alive after 3 hours, the Admins group will have won.

Time limit:
3 hours Warning! – Anyone leaving the square before the 20 min countdown will be kicked. – Players that will be late to the starting time, will be on their own.

(As per previous event limited to 150 slots in the canopy tent)
Derleths Den: KA 101 / Pink Armbands / White Canopy tents
Aux7 Server : KA 101 / Green Armbands / Brown Canopy tents
Last Resort : M4 / Blue Armbands / Blue Canopy tents

Server Info (TIME & LOCATION):

Date: Feb 6, 2021
Aus (Adelaide): 06:00 GMT + 10:30
USA (Pacific) : 11:30 GMT – 08:00
GB : 19:30
EU : 20:30 GMT + 01:00

Server: Aux7 Winter Server