– Please load into the server at least 15 minutes before start so that we can start on time.
– You will be teleported into the start zone where you will be given your loadout and, once everyone has been given their load out your blood will be tested.
– The game will commence after 20 minutes (after the given time) this is ensure the hunted team can get a head start.

At commencement your team leaders will receive a message from us with a riddle/hint to where we are hiding. You must collectively figure out where this is and head there. This is to eliminate any chance of visible trails despawning and we can’t make it too easy can we? After some time if you still seem to struggle finding the place we will give you more clues. If you run to the wrong place then you must find the correct place as quickly as possible.

This might seem easy, however, plan accordingly as the loadouts have already been decided. These roles will be limited once the team sizes are established.

The roles:
– Rifleman
– Medic
– Support gunner
– Grenadier
– Spotter

1. Once teams have been decided we will require the names and roles of the members.
2. Do not pick up any other guns then your given loadout. You may not trade guns between roles, this can only be done if a team member dies and you wish to retrieve their gun. If your found to have a gun not in your loadout then your team will be disqualified and any kills your team has gotten will be eradicated. This is to reinforce team based gameplay and communication along with fairness and lack of any bias.
3. You may only pick up ammo, food, water and extra meds.
4. Once dead there will be no respawns.


Date: 27th February

Time: 8pm GMT – 3pm EST

Time limit: 3 hours

Sever name: Derleth’s Den

Event style: Hardcore

Map: Deerisle