Who – Derleth’s Den vs Last Resort
When – March 21st, 21:00 CET (Please starting logging-in at 20:30 CET)
Where – Last Resort – Events Server (
Map – Deer Isle
Target – Clues will be given on Discord

The Rules

⦁ Objective is to capture & hold a specific location
⦁ Navigation & knowledge of the map will be critical

⦁ Each team has a rendezvous point with gear prepared
⦁ You will spawn in fresh on the coast & be teleported to your group rendezvous
⦁ The game is afoot the moment you leave the rendezvous point
⦁ Whatever found is yours to use

⦁ Players must wear armbands provided
⦁ Game is not over until there are no more challengers

⦁ Team captain is permitted to allow team members to head direct to the target
⦁ If a rendezvous point of the opposing team is found, it is permitted to raid it

⦁ Players must have name, server kicks players with survivor as their name

Weapons & Loadout free choice (no deloot)


Admins: Aux7