Metal Wire with Nails = 1 x Metal Wire + 24 x Nails

Barbed Wire = 1 x Metal Wire with Nails + Pliers ((de-crafted with pliers)

Wood Storage = 1 Wooden Log + 8 Planks

Cabin Kit = 4 Wooden Sticks + Rope

White Flag = 6 Rags + Sewing Kit (any)

Fishing Hook = 1 Metal Wire + Pliers



– Furniture can be destroyed with heavy tools
– Screwdriver dismantles furniture back to kits (if they have any)
– Metal furniture can be dismantled with a Wrench
– Kitchen Sink Pipe can be connected to the “infrastructure” with a PipeWrench
– Lockers and Metal Crates can be painted with a spray can, they must be empty
– Flags and Carpets can be repaired Sewing kits
– Thermometer can measure the temperatures of food, cooking tools and the oven
– Flashlight + vehicle engine returns the VIN


Spray Cans / Painting items

Spray painting items is possible only if the outcome exists in the game. If the colour variant does not exist, the “paint” option will not appear.

Spray Cans
Added Spray Cans (11 colours): Black, Green, White, Grey, Camo, Orange, Yellow, Red, Blue, Dark Purple and Wine Purple.

Added 7 new colours: Black, White, Grey, Orange, Red (full colour), Dark Purple & Wine Purple.

Vehicle Doors
Vehicle doors can be painted with a spray can, the door must be detached from the vehicle before painted.
It is possible to paint the door only if the item exists in the new colour. For example: ADA doors can be painted only with White, Green or Blue colours.
Vehicles cannot be painted with spray cans.

The following weapons can be painted: AKs, M4, SKS, Mosin, Blaze (B95), CR-527, Crossbow and Derringer (Pink to Black).
Some attachments of the above weapons can be coloured as well.
All attachments must be removed from the weapon and the weapon must be unchambered before it can be painted.


Clean Skinning

– It is possible to disinfect Surgical Gloves, knives and sharp tools.
– Boiling sharp tools, bottles, canteens, pots, rags and bandages will now disinfect them instead of damaging them (by using water only).
– Skinning an animal while wearing gloves may add a small chance for contamination (Salmonella).
– Skinning an animals without disinfecting the tool or gloves may add a small chance for contamination (Salmonella).
– Using a disinfected tool for crafting or attacking will remove the disinfection.
– Grilling (baking) the meat or using cooking tools which are disinfected will help to kill the bacteria.

Key Points:
– Dirty skinning (without using any precautions) has a low-to-none chances of food contamination by default.
– The health of the skinning tool and the health of the gloves will affect the chances for food contamination. The more damaged the tool is, the higher the chances for contamination.
– Skinning while wearing disinfected gloves (only surgical) will reduce the chances for contamination by 50%, and using a disinfected tool will reduce the chances for contamination by 50%. Using both will eliminate any chance for food contamination.
– Cooking meat infected with Salmonella will kill the bacteria in most cases, depends on the level of contamination in relation to the size of the meat and the cooking method.

Vehicles – Checking VIN:

Vehicle Identification Number

All vehicles are now assigned with a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
The VIN is data only and is not visible, it is logged on the server and players can extract it with the right tool(s).
The purpose of the VIN is to give players meaningful ownership over vehicles and the ability to identify them, and for admins the ability track them.

To find out the VIN of a vehicle you will need a source of light.
Motorized Vehicles: Aim with a flashlight or a headtorch at the engine
Bicycles: Use a Wrench (with a headtorch)

The VIN will be displayed on the bottom corner of the screen.

Note: It is impossible to get the VIN from ruined vehicles.